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Please apply here: https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/84730/orpheus

Game runs pretty much every Saturday. Game time is a little flexible at the moment as we need players. Currently looking for two to three players. 

A corporation called the Orpheus Group has learned and perfected the art of projection, allowing people who have undergone near-death experiences to leave their bodies and enter the spirit realm. The company uses these employees, along with allied ghosts, as agents, and contracts them out to clients for investigations into hauntings, fumigating raging spirits, and other spooky tasks. You are a newly trained team called a 'crucible'. 

We are about thirteen sessions into the game and a couple people had to leave for job/schedule reasons. A lot has happened in-game but we can get you up to speed. This is a LONG campaign mean to least approx 40 sessions. So don't feel like you're missing out by joining late.

We will be running the published adventure with some added world building, so please don't go a-hunting. 

This game will include lots of in-character investigation, research and discovery. For this reason I anticipate needing to create handouts and the players will probably want to keep notes. There will be plenty of survival horror aspects… most notably the power of the enemy and the high octane rat race. It is a gritty setting that makes me think of lovecraft with how NOT gentle it is. Please be prepared for adult themes such as serial killers, suicide, murder… You deal primarily with ghosts. 

Regular attendance is expected but exceptions are okay if you need to miss a week or arrive late for personal reasons & you let me know at least a day ahead of time. I am spending time and working to write up parts of the game specifically for your character, so please be kind. Additionally, it is harder and harder to involve new players as the plot develops. You do not need to explain why you are missing the session, that is your business. However, if there is something that I or other players can do- let us know! Please, respect our time!

The childish, closed-minded, flaky and arrogant need not apply. Mic is absolutely required and I wont tolerate unreasonably hot mics. I've actually had players hold conversations in the background or be driving. Not interested. Please refrain from multi-tasking.

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